Weekend PSA: Buckle Up

It should go without saying, but, hear me out…


It was January of 2004.  I was married with no children and we had recently returned from a cruise.  It was a Saturday afternoon and a lovely day.  We lived in southern Virginia at the time and, while it got chilly there, it was nowhere near the bone-numbing cold we were used to from our Midwestern and New England childhoods.


We had a quick errand to run.  We finished up, popped out of the store and into the car.  As my husband pulled out of the parking lot, I leaned down to shove the bag under my (the passenger) seat.  Just after doing so, as I sat up to buckle my seatbelt, I heard my husband’s oath and saw a flash before us.


A young driver had pulled out right in front of us on the road causing us to t-bone the passenger side of her vehicle.


We weren’t going very fast (police estimated we had only reached a speed of 15mph at impact), but I was still thrown into the rearview mirror.  I didn’t even realize I was hurt at first, but then the blood started pouring from my head.  Some good samaritans called 911 and gave me some napkins to hold against the wound on the top of my scalp.  I struggled to maintain consciousness and eventually got weak enough to ask my husband to hold the napkins for me.


They took me off in an ambulance (I was the only one hurt in the crash) and towed my husband’s car, which was later deemed totalled.  The tow truck driver kindly offered my husband a ride to the hospital; I’m not sure how he would have made it there, otherwise.  I needed seven stitches in my scalp and four by my left eyebrow.

I’ve never  been wild or irresponsible when it comes to driving or riding in a car.  I wasn’t one who was “too cool” or even too careless for a seatbelt.  I was just in a hurry that day and didn’t bother making sure I was fastened in before the car started moving.  I’m guessing I’m not the only one who’s done that.


I learned my lesson, though, so I just want to remind you:


Buckle up.  Before the car moves.  Heck, before it gets started is even better.  Let my scar be your reminder.

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4 comments to Weekend PSA: Buckle Up

  • About 30 years ago, I was still pretty sporadic about using a seatbelt. After all, I had driven and ridden in cars my whole life with no seatbelt at all and I never had a problem. I was a safe driver. Who needs a seatbelt?

    Then one day my mom was in an accident. I don’t remember the details (I wasn’t with her), except for knowing she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. It was a pretty minor fender bender, no one was going very fast, but my mom slammed into the steering wheel and broke her nose!

    I’ve used the seatbelt ever since!

    • It really doesn’t take much to toss you around a car, that’s for sure! Glad to hear that the accident was a minor one- I feel so grateful to have learned my lesson from a relatively minor incident.

  • Your blog looks awesome now! Just wanted to let you know.

    Sorry for the lack of posts, if you read my updates on my blog, my mom just died..following that, my husband’s uncle died so we were on a little hiatus, but time to start blogging again!

    • Sheri, I had notice you were missing there for awhile and I am so sorry to hear about your losses. I will definitely stop by and read again as you step back into blogging. Please know that I’m praying for your family!

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