The Pledge of Allegiance

This past week, we’ve been doing “Good Ol’ USA Camp”*  here in the Parenting Miracles house.  It’s been an honor and blessing to be able to teach my children even just a little bit about our great country.


My older two already know how to say the Pledge.  They learned it at school.  That’s a great thing, but you can also tell that it’s all just rote memory.  My first clue?  The fact that, every time my five-year old says it, she says, “Have a great day!” as if it’s the last line.


They’re not alone.  I daresay many children- and adults- say the Pledge of Allegiance without ever really thinking about the words.  I first saw this clip a few years ago.  I think the words are so powerful and I like to periodically watch it again and reflect on it…

While Mr. Skelton’s words may be a little too challenging for my littles to understand just yet, they definitely give ME something to think about and encouraged me to find a way to drive home just how very important this “thing we say” really is.


When’s the last time you said the Pledge of Allegiance?  When’s the last time you really thought about the words?


Our Pledge- our very nation- is indeed one of the finest.


*You can still get a great deal (just $5!) on Jessica’s Summer Survival Guide.  The is the ebook that gave me the tools I needed to plan all our fun summer camps!

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4 comments to The Pledge of Allegiance

  • That’s awesome! You’re homeschooling over the summer and I think that’s super cool. It seems to me like your kids get the best of both worlds. Hope that doesn’t offend you or anyone else – I just love it when parents get involved in their kids’ education whether it’s at home or public school or wherever!

    • That doesn’t offend me one bit, Mandy- I take it as a real compliment! I am having a blast with my kiddos and it is SUCH a privilege to get to have a firsthand look at how they learn and grow. :) I honestly think we’ll make this a summer tradition for as long as I can keep my kiddos interested- it has been so fabulous.

  • So one of my 8yo’s friends is named Justice. The running joke all year long last school year was that my 3yo, after reciting the pledge with her class every morning, would end it with “Hey! I know Justice!”

    • When I was in kindergarten, I refused to sing “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”. When the adults pressed a little more, they learned it was because I didn’t want to sing about my Daddy dying. It’s kind of funny how little ones interpret things! (Just wait ’til your daughter meets someone named Liberty, too. ;))

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