The Best Way to Unload the Dishwasher

I should tell you all upfront that I have ALWAYS had a dishwasher.  As a child, my family had a dishwasher.  My first apartment?  Dishwasher.  The Florida condo?  Yep.  Tiny Virginia apartment?  Mmm hmm (though I didn’t use that one much- it was finicky.)  Our first house had a fancy-pants one.  Our second house had one too.  And this, our third house, also has a dishwasher.  So… I have lots of dishwasher experience.


I can tell you two things with certainty about dishwashers.  One- I’m a Cascade snob.  (I know some of you people swear by those Electrosol Finish tabs, but you’ll have to pry the Cascade out of my dead fingers.)  Two- there IS a best way to unload the dishwasher.


While how you load the dishwasher depends a lot on personality and the particular model you have, I believe the best way to UNload is this:


Unload the bottom rack FIRST.


This way, if any water drips or food snuks (yes- snuk… it’s a family word we use for little bits of crud, basically) remain, they won’t fall onto your clean dishes.  Things (cups and bowls- I’m looking at you) on the top shelf are notorious for tipping over and filling with grimy water… who wants that spilling onto the clean plates down below?


So there you go.


Use high quality detergent.  And unload the bottom rack first.


So says JessieLeigh. ;)


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