Riding a High Horse to Heaven

I’m not sure what has made me so hyper-sensitive to it lately, but I’ve been so bothered by some things I’ve read and heard.  Things along the lines of…


  • Choosing not to homeschool is akin to inviting ungodliness into your home.
  • I see parents spoiling their toddlers by indulging them and this is not what we are called to do.
  • People who “date” (as opposed to “court”, I imagine) are those looking to justify promiscuity.
  • I watch people poison their bodies through their food choices and wonder if they know how they defy God.
  • I feel so bad for those infants being fed that vile concoction they call “formula”… it’s unnatural.


… and on and on.


Why do we do this?  Even- in the rare instance- when there IS some biblical basis for these thoughts, why are they being spat like venom?  Who are we helping with these proclamations?  And HOW are we helping?


I am not immune.  I have ridiculous high horse thoughts sometimes.  Just this past Sunday, as I knelt during the Liturgy of the Eucharist, I found myself inwardly scoffing at “those people” who don’t actually kneel but, rather, rest their rear ends against the seat in a sort of “S” position.  Really???  Who cares???  Do I really think I’m earning some higher place in heaven through my exceptional posture?  It’s preposterous.


These things we so often note… they’re purely human concerns.  I honestly believe that.  Yes, of course, we should try to live good, honorable lives.  Yes, of course, there are some very clear “bad choices”.  But… the stuff I keep seeing put out there as Gospel truth?


I’m not so sure it’s really that important.  I refuse to believe that God’s up there handing out “atta-boys” for any of our holier than thou declarations.  Maybe it’s because I missed out on “Tough Love God School”, but I just can’t get onboard with that approach.


In a lovely homily this past week, our priest shared this thought with us:


“This is GOD’S church and God’s people. And we must always remember that He is the one who plants the seeds of faith and nurtures them in unique and amazing ways that we may not always understand.”


How about that?  In “ways that we may not always understand”?  Perhaps God has a plan that we just can’t see… one that may not feel “right” or “comfortable” to us… but who are we to say it’s wrong?


I’m thinking it might be time to dismount the high horse and limp along with a touch of humility…


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2 comments to Riding a High Horse to Heaven

  • I fell off the high horse awhile ago. Though I sometimes find myself putting my foot back in the stirrup, the walk is much nicer. :)

    You are so feisty….

  • I am very tired of hearing anyone go on and on as an authority on anything while indicating they have a direct line to God and therefore they KNOW what is right!

    What I believe or do not believe is nobody’s business but mine. But I have a very hard time dealing those who insist they know best about everything for everyone!

    Who says so? God??? Well, they can think that if they want to but don’t try and tell me that. I don’t want to hear it because God isn’t talking to them and telling them the garbage that some people are claiming he wants!

    Homeschooling, Infant formula, Food choices defy God?????

    I really would hope that with all that goes on on this planet, God doesn’t sit around making inane and nonsense rules that he only shares with these judgemental nut cases!

    It just isn’t so. Because if it is, I don’t think anyone has a prayer of meeting all those rules and I really couldn’t believe anyone would even try!

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