Meals For New Moms Who Can’t Leave the Hospital

(This post, with a few modifications, was originally published in August of 2008.  You can find the original here, if you’re interested.)


We always seem to want to deliver food to the new mama, don’t we?  When Mom gets to go right home after having a baby, those lasagnas and casseroles and crock pot meals are spot-on awesome.  But… when there are complications, those meals that require fridge/freezer/oven/dishes can become challenging.


Here are ten great things to deliver (in bag or box or basket) to the parents of a preemie (or any parents who are unable to get out of the hospital setting any time soon) who are unlikely to have a kitchen at their disposal:


  1. bottled water
  2. granola bars
  3. jerky
  4. pretzels/nuts
  5. pre-made sandwiches (bonus points if you enclose condiment packets)
  6. yogurt/pudding cups
  7. fruit (apples, bananas, pears, etc. hold up well)
  8. string cheese
  9. individual snack packs (little baggies full of trail mix would be perfect)
  10. gift card to a fast, local restaurant

Quick is the name of the game. Squeezing in protein and whole grains will help keep these new parents going. These may not look impressive or glamorous, but they will be much appreciated. Trust me.


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2 comments to Meals For New Moms Who Can’t Leave the Hospital

  • I would add decadent (homemade) desserts to the list, because let’s be honest, more than likely you’re spending a lot of time fighting off some major depression (at least, I was!) and sometimes you just need chocolate and a good cry.

    • Oh, this is a great idea too! I was running around so much after my preemie was born (I had a 10 month old too), that I never sat down long enough to truly enjoy a dessert. BUT… my brother did bring me some high quality dark chocolate and I remember how very, very much I appreciated that treat. You’re absolutely right that a little decadence or indulgence is so very welcome at a time like that.

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