I Have Bad Teeth


I have bad teeth.  It’s true.  Oh, I don’t have the kind of “bad teeth” that people notice.  Their crookedness has been straightened, their cavities filled.  But, still, they’re bad.  Even with proper brushing and flossing habits, I wind up with issues.  It’s a genetic thing (thanks, Dad) and it’s kind of a bummer.


I also have bad eyes.  Which is funny because my eyes are also what people always notice about me.  Nonetheless, they’re not so great.  I needed glasses already in the first grade and I’m fairly useless without my contacts.  I get my nearsightedness from my mom.


I’m so envious of those people with perfect vision.  I get irked when I hear about you people who don’t even take exceptional care of your teeth and still waltz out with a perfect report from your dentist every time, while I get ready to have a root canal.  It just doesn’t seem fair.  I sometimes think I got burned by genetics.


It’s so easy to dwell on that.  To throw a pity party.  To sigh, “woe is me” as I shell out for yet another box of contacts.  But, not only am I so incredibly fortunate to have correctable issues, I also can’t even really complain about the genes I was dealt…


If my mom gave me bad eyes, she also gave me a predisposition to being on the slim side.


If my dad gave me bad teeth, he also gave me healthy, low blood pressure.


They both certainly contributed to how easily I sailed through school.


I have thick hair (thanks, Mom) and exceptional size perception (thanks, Dad).  So why do I moan about my bad teeth?  Why do I sigh over the directional impairment I surely inherited from my mom?


It’s human nature, I think.  We’re so prone to bitterness.  We’re never satisfied with the hand we’re dealt even though we know, deep down, that it’s a better hand than many are given.  How often are we so focused on our burdens that we totally forget to count our blessings?


So, today, I’m letting you in on a few of my inferior and flawed traits… but I’m not going to dwell on them.  Instead, I’m just going say:


Thanks, Mom and Dad.  You gave me a lot to work with.  How I choose to play this hand is now totally up to me…  and I’m finally  starting to like my odds.

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17 comments to I Have Bad Teeth

  • I find that I too often think about the negative traits that I inherited or learned from my parents, but I do appreciate a lot of positive things they gave me as well.

    Thanks for this reminder!

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment, Craig! And you bring up an excellent point in that it’s not just the genetics at play here… at least as important as the things we are taught or learn by example. Good stuff to think about…

  • LOL I was just at the dentist yesterday and have the same problem. I got bad teeth from my dad. I had a cavity filled and have to have two root canals, 3 crowns and 2 extractions. Plus I’m back on prescritpion toothpaste and mouthwash. Ahh…the joys of bad teeth. The hubby on the other hand hadn’t been to the dentist in about 10-15 years and had 3 cavities…that’s it. I had been within the past 4 years. But your right. With the few bad things we get there are some really great ones. My dad may have given me bad teeth but I have a knack for figuring out certain types of math problems without using the “correct” method/formula and really blue eyes. LOL

  • Mary

    I totally needed to hear this today! I had 2 root canals last month, mid-pregnancy. Just another thing in a long line of dental problems, and I’m only 30! DH made the mistake of suggesting I don’t take good enough care of my teeth, and with my pregnancy hormones being wild . . . I think he learned what I think if THAT! I, too, blame my parents for the bad stuff I inherited while not considering the good – thanks for changing my perspective.

    • Oh, ouch! I had a root canal when I was pregnant with my 2nd and, I think because of the pregnancy, I bled a LOT. They seriously had to call in another dentist to help get it under control. Never a good feeling when your dentist starts panicking! They say pregnancy is hard on teeth too, so that makes it even harder for those like you and me who have dental issues to start. Hope you’re all recovered and feeling good now!

  • I don’t know if it’s genetic or not, but my teeth are very crooked. I dont have a lot of problems with cavities, which is a blessing. I would think that having a skinny gene would trump all else ;).

    I had the skinny gene too. Oh wait, that was before I had a kid, LOL.

  • Susie G

    You must have posted this because you wanted tons of advice!! Ha ha. My teeth were crooked and straightened and now are not really that straight, but mostly straight. But I have always had a cavity or two every year (at least) until I started my crazy tooth routine. Which I didn’t make up. But seriously, I haven’t had a cavity in like 3 years, which is a record for me, and my teeth feel great, even the formerly sensitive ones, and I wake up with great breath – AND tooth cleaning (at the dentist) is perfectly comfortable and (I don’t floss, either!!)
    If you are interested, this is the link.
    I don’t buy anything from her and I don’t make anything if you try it ;-)

    • I never turn down good advice! Actually, I’d love to know more about xylitol. Do you use mints, gum, or the granulated version? How much a day? See? I ask lots of questions. ;)

  • I needed to read this too…I have cavities every time I go to the dentist even with good dental care and it drives me nuts…the only reason I floss at all is because I know how much worse my mouth would be if I didn’t. But, I was blessed with straight enough teeth and so much more from genetics that it’s harder to complain when that is taken into perspective.


    • I floss too, Judy, and it’s frustrating to me that I have friends who NEVER floss and have never had a cavity. Grrr. But, ultimately, I know I really am blessed that at least teeth CAN be fixed… even it’s a pain in the rear. ;)

  • Susie G

    I use mostly Ice Breakers/Ice Cubes gum – I wrote the company and they told me they have 1 gm xylitol each. I bought granular xylitol but it didn’t seem sweet AT ALL. If I buy it again I will just add it to coffee with sugar :-)
    Currently I also have some mints I bought in bulk from zellies.com but you can get them at health food/vitamin shops, too, I just felt like I should support her some time since I love her program. And because you can sure get tired of chewing gum, although only a couple minutes are enough.

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  • Celine

    You might want to look into whether Fluoride might be part of the cause with having so many teeth issues. To much Fluoride can cause all kinds of issues. Add in Fluoride in water, food, then toothpaste and mouthwash and all the other things it is in along with dental applications and you can end up with toxic doses. I know of kids who have ended up with major teeth issues after fluoride treatments at the dentist(though it could be poor dental health too) and another family who had other issues that cleared up after they cut sources of fluoride in their daily lives.

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