Five Boxes of Cereal Up For Grabs!

Cereal?  Is not my first choice breakfast.  This is mostly because I have a passionate love for eggs.  And cinnamon rolls.  And English muffins.  And… well, you get the point.  There are so many great options for breakfast and, as a stay-at-home mom to littles, I often have the luxury of variety and a little extra time when it comes to breakfast prep.  Still, cereal definitely has a place in our home.  Not only do I serve it to my kids every single Sunday morning before we venture off to the earliest church service that’s offered, I also like to have it on hand for quick snacks or to incorporate in trail mix.  When I do choose a cereal, I like one with enough fiber to keep us full for more than, I don’t know, ten minutes.


To read more and enter to win five boxes of Fiber One, head right here.

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