Why I’m Holding a Bottle of Vicodin

The Setting:


I was at the dentist, suffering from a very painful tooth.  This had been going on since February, when they told me it was likely due to stress.  Suspicious of this, I was back…


The Dialogue:


Dr. L: JessieLeigh, I’m afraid you need a root canal in that tooth.  We’ll have to schedule it for the 14th.

Me: Okay.  (I mean, you do what you gotta do, right?)

Dr. L:  So, are you in a lot of pain?

Me: Yeah, I mean, it hurts.  I can’t manage it with ibuprofen anymore.  But I’m okay.  I can make it ten days.

Dr. L: (looking skeptical) Well, it’s not good if it hurts that much…

Me: (smiling) I’ve had three kids.  I can handle some pain.

Dr. L: Does it keep you from sleeping?

Me: Occasionally.  If I wake up, it’s hard to fall back asleep.  It’s alright.

Dr. L: (scratching chin) Oh, but it’s not good if you’re missing out on sleep…

Me: (laughing)  Again, I have three kids.  I’ve missed sleep before.


The Result:


And that’s how it came to pass that I’m in possession of Vicodin that is stronger than that which I was prescribed after my c-section.


What can I say?


My dentist is a man. ;)

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10 comments to Why I’m Holding a Bottle of Vicodin

  • Jen

    haha…i went to the dentist a couple weeks ago because i too was in pain and losing sleep. all i told him was that my mouth was hurting, and after looking at the x-rays, he prescribed vicodin. didn’t even ask if i wanted it. gotta love it.

    • Funny how that goes! Meanwhile, my husband had two major extractions and the dentist essentially told him, “You can call me if you need something, but you shouldn’t.” In other words, “If it hurts? Man up!” ;)

  • Haha, I always try to hope that the dentist is giving out those types of medicines “just in case it gets worse” and not because they want to hook the world on prescription painkillers :-)

    • I think a big part of why he prescribed them was that it would be close to two weeks before the tooth would be treated… and he felt that was a long time to be in pain. But, yeah, I do worry about people who can get easily hooked on that kind of stuff!

  • I guess it wasn’t from stress then. ha ha. I think I’m the only person alive that finds Vicodin absolutely ineffectual.

  • Celine

    That is too funny. The Dr’s seem to be very quick to insist on meds in some situations and in others trying to get some meds is like trying to pull your own teeth out.

    My ob prescribed vicodin after I had my youngest. Down right insisted that I needed it even though I wasn’t even taking any pain meds the whole 2 days I was in the hospital after she was born.

    Then Drs wonder why so many people have problems with prescription drugs.

    • I remember sobbing after my second child was born because I felt like I needed medication (and I did NOT with my first)… my husband kindly pointed out that I had not had SURGERY with my first. ;) I admit to taking pain medication after my c-sections… but I can muddle through most other things. And you’re right! Doctors certainly vary greatly.

      • Celine

        I will definitely agree that each birth experience was very different. My 1st I had meds and an epidural before as well as meds after. My youngest I ended up with no pain meds before or after. There is no way I ever would have been able to go med free after a c-section as that has to be serious pain.

        It’s always interesting how much peoples pain tolerances vary and how the type of pain can also effect pain tolerances.

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