What Playing Looks Like

We’re in the midst of “Dinosaur Camp” around here and it has been a blast.  More on that to follow but, if you’re dying to know what we’re up to, just “Like” me over there via my Facebook button or click here and you can see what we’re doing day-by-day!


When I stumbled upon a set of plastic dinosaurs on our lower level, I thought to myself, “Perfect!  These will be awesome for our Dinosaur Camp!”  I LOVE toys like this… no lights, no noises, no batteries.  Lots of imagination required.  Endless possibilities.


But they were dusty.  Kind of icky.  And, quite frankly, I have better more fun things to be doing with my evenings than scrubbing down a bunch of plastic toys.  Also?  I’m not running my not-full dishwasher just to get them done by morning.


No worries.  I was psyched!  Why?  Well…



Just another activity to keep my kiddos occupied during Dinosaur Camp.


Dinosaur baths.  Followed by a cold water rinse under the waterfall (er, faucet).


You know what?  They keep asking to do it again.


That’s what playing looks like around here.

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