Weekend PSA: Check Your Moisturizer

Last winter, when record snow falls and bitter temps ravaged our part of the country, I happened to run out of moisturizer.  I put out a plea for recommendations for my 30-something, normal, not-prone-to-any-issues skin.  Not surprisingly, you people came through for me.  I opted to try out coconut oil, liking the “naturalness” of it and the fact that I could just use it to cook if it failed my skin.


It did NOT.  I fell in love almost immediately and was delighted with how it smelled and how it lasted on my parched January skin.  I happily spent months smelling good and feeling soft.  And then this.




Here’s where I tell you:


Coconut oil makes a great moisturizer.  It does NOT make a great sunblock.


Balmy mornings, sultry afternoons, and sunshine the whole way through seems to be the name of the game this time of year.  Baseball games, hikes, and just general sprinkler-time fun have us out there right in the middle of those bright rays.   I clearly need a better plan for protecting this fair skin of mine.  I’m off to check out Katie’s extremely comprehensive research on sunscreens and sunblocks… I highly recommend you do the same!


Enjoy these sunny days… but protect your precious skin!

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