Two? (Sob.)

My Precious G,


I simply cannot believe you are two years old today.  I keep telling everyone that I need to start calling you “my toddler” now instead of “my baby”, but deep-down, I know I won’t.  You are my baby.  And you are such a joy.



Bama and I call you “Sparkle Bug” sometimes because you really do simply sparkle.  Your eyes twinkle and your amazing expressiveness has always captured those around you.  You’ve been aware of your adoring fans almost from day one.


If A. is my gentle giant and C. is my feisty miracle, you are my fearless charmer.  A born flirt, you aren’t afraid of anyone or anything… though you already know how to play coy, too.

I recently saw a quote that read, “This little girl was born with glitter in her veins.”  It could have been written about you.  Come to think of it, it could have been written about me too.

My little clone.  My look-alike baby.  My darling, darling youngest child…

Happy Birthday, Sweet Baby, er, Toddler G…


Mommy loves you.


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