Strawberry White Chocolate Oatmeal

I am forever on a mission to make oatmeal interesting.  Truth?  My kids would happily eat the same couple varieties over and over, I’m sure.  But I’m just not that kind of mom.  I like to mix it up.


I am also the self-proclaimed queen of indulgent oatmeals.  Blueberry pie, hot cocoa… I’m forever experimenting.


You can buy Strawberry & Cream Oatmeal.  Quaker makes a version and there are many store-brand knock-offs out there.  You’ll still be giving your kids a better start to the day than, say, Fruit Loops.  (Though I’m not opposed to Fruit Loops across the board either…)  Just know, you’ll also be dishing up 12 grams of sugar in a mighty small serving.


For less than five grams of sugar, you can dish up an indulgent, fun oatmeal breakfast that is nutritionally superior and quick to toss together:


Strawberry White Chocolate Oatmeal




  • 1 cup old-fashioned oats
  • 2 cups water
  • 6-8 medium strawberries, chopped
  • handful of white chocolate chips


Pour oats and water into small saucepan.  Bring to a boil, then immediately reduce to a simmer.  Add in chopped strawberries.  Cook until oats are softened and berried heated through, approx. five minutes.  Dish up into serving bowls (these proportions make enough for three of the above pictured bowls- enough to feed my three kids.)  Sprinkle ten to fifteen white chocolate chips over the top of each.  The chips will get melty, so the kids can stir and swirl them in if they so choose!


(This would also make a fun, nourishing breakfast to serve up after your date night!)

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