Honoring Daddy- Why did I write so much about it?

If you spend much time around here, you’ve been seeing a whole lot from me on this topic…

I am being completely genuine when I tell you that I loved writing each and every post for this series.  There were times I’d feel nervous going into it, but the words flowed readily and, without fail, I emerged from the writing feeling recharged in my zeal for my marriage.  What a blessing that was!


I set out to write on this series, not because I am any kind of marriage expert at all, but because my marriage is worth the effort. While motherhood and cherishing my children comes as naturally to me as breathing, wifehood and honoring my husband is something into which I need to put more time and energy.  I am neither the wife who’s in a bitter, angry marriage nor the wife who has it all figured out and “always, always remembers- God, then husband, then children.”  I am a woman who without a doubt loves her husband and wants, very much, to be all that he needs and wants… I just don’t always remember to follow through on that.   With close to ten years of marriage under my belt, I am neither a newbie nor an old pro.  I’m right in the throes of it.


I wrote this series because, first and foremost, I needed it.  I needed to focus on these topics and really think about what it means, in a practical way, to honor my man within our home.  My hope was that these would be subjects you could mull over and think about how they fit into your own lives.   While we all share many common denominators, our personalities, histories, and aspirations are different– and that’s a beautiful thing!


I must confess that I am never encouraged by those “You HAVE to love your husband before your kids- he MUST come first!  Always!  Otherwise you’re DEFYING GOD!” posts. I’m not saying I don’t get the point.  But here’s the truth of how I feel when I finish reading those articles: I feel like a horrible wife and I admit I feel like the author might be an inferior mom.  Who wins in that scenario???  That said, there is, without a doubt, a nugget of truth there of which I’ve always been aware.  And I finally realized that  the reason it nagged at me so much is that I needed to work on it.


I have worked on it.  As I wrote these posts, friends?  I was living this life.  Striving to grow in this amazingly rich role of WIFE.  I am nowhere near perfect.  There is not a single day that I get everything right.  But, by working it out in my head, in my heart, and right here on the screen, I’ve finally brought it to the surface.


I hope that you’ve enjoyed this journey and that you’ve been able to take a few minutes to ponder your own marriage and how you desire to fulfill your role.  I hope that my words never left you feeling like “less”… because you are absolutely, totally, and completely enough.


I have been so blessed by your comments and feedback and would absolutely welcome more!  Did you enjoy this subject?  Is it something you’d like to see more of in the future… maybe next year before Father’s Day again?  What topics or tools do you think would help encourage you even more in your role as wife?


I am so very grateful to each of you who took the time to read and follow along.  If you missed any of what I (or my lovely series partners) wrote, you can catch up here:

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4 comments to Honoring Daddy- Why did I write so much about it?

  • Kelley

    I did enjoy the series. Mostly because, like you, I needed a reminder that my husband holds a place of importance in our family equation. I often forget due to his long, l-o-n-g work hours that he needs me too. That we started our family because we were a couple and we chose each other years ago. It was a good series never leaving me feeling guilty or less than anybody. You have a way with words that is hard to find out there. Good stuff!

  • I totally agree with you about THOSE posts. I always think either that woman is a crappy mom or has 40 hours in her day and that I need to pay more attention to my hubby. They are not encouraging posts at all and who wants to be scolded in your precious free time spent reading blogs?!?! It’s hard though since he’s a grown up and can do everything on his own the precious few minutes always seem to be delegated to a child need. Your series was a nice reminder to be more intentional and focus on things that really can easily be part of everyday.

  • Sheila

    I commented this in your giveaway post, but wanted to say again how much I did enjoy this series. It was very inspiring, and I enjoyed all the different bloggers involved. I appreciate your thoughts and honestly and heart so much.

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