Honoring Daddy… come chat with me!

… oh yes, yes he does!  And I bet yours does too!  Want to chat about how we can best honor the men they call daddy?  Please consider joining me on Twitter tonight, at 10 pm, Eastern time, to talk about just that.   I know how knowledgeable and unique and wonderful my readers are, and I would absolutely welcome your ideas and insight as we have a good girly gab-fest.


New to Twitter?  Oh, it’s so super simple.  Just go to twitter.com and fill in the blanks. :)  You’ll find ME there as @micropreemies (you could also just click the pretty Twitter flower over there to the right).  We’ll be using the hashtag “#honoringdaddy”, so just be sure to include that in your tweets so we can all follow what you have to say!




Alrighty then!  Ten o’clock pm (Eastern time).  Pour yourself a cup of tea or a glass of wine.  Dish up some ice cream.  Put your feet up.  And come chat with us!  I’m eager to hear from you all.

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