Will You Help?

Last night, I watched the news with my husband.  In cold, detached tones, a reporter told the story of a baby boy whose lifeless body had been discovered that day; he had been ripped from his mother’s arms by the tornado’s winds.


I wept.


Here in Connecticut, we have little familiarity with tornadoes.  Blizzards?  Yep, we get those.  But tornadoes don’t tend to whip through our mountains and trees.  So maybe I can’t relate too well.  But my heart breaks at the devastation… and I cannot help but wish there were more I could do.


The lovely Amanda happened to share a quick tweet today that made it possible for me to, easily, do a little…


If you simply follow this link, you will find a wish list of a MOPS group from Joplin, MO.  Their desires are simple: diapers, wipes, socks, cups, teddy bears, toiletry kits.  It is easy-peasy to click and send someone an item that is so desperately needed.


Won’t you join me in reaching out?  I promise- it takes only a second.  The most challenging part for me was copying/pasting the address for shipping.  I’ll put it here for you so you have it in a separate tab when you order (do you like my optimism there?):


Joplin MOPS- C/O Sarah Myers
CARL JUNCTION, MO 64834-9656
United States


This Memorial Day weekend, as we remember how blessed we are to live in such a great nation- a nation worth fighting for-won’t you reach out to help our neighbors who are suffering?

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10 comments to Will You Help?

  • I know the terrors of tornado alley too well for my own comfort and my heart breaks for those affected by the recent tornadoes! It’s terrifying and humbling to think that even as far as we have come with technology, that it can all be taken away with a (very, very strong) gust of wind.

  • So glad you posted on this! I can’t imagine being a mother in the midst of that devastation!

  • [...] can also use your Swagbucks to purchase items on Amazon for the MOPs Group in Joplin. Check out this wishlist of needed items [...]

  • If you order items from the Amazon Wish List for the Joplin MOPS group, they will automatically ship to the host church and you won’t need to worry about knowing the address. I ordered several items and shared with my readers how to do it with free shipping too! http://www.familymusings.com/2011/05/helping-moms-in-joplin-mo.html

  • Thank you for this! I will spread the word.

  • earleyml

    It’s so sad what happened in MO but yet amazing how people have come together to help the community. Sure I knew tornadoes were scary stuff but this year it’s amazing the damage they are doing. I live in PA where it’s very rare for us to get a tornado b/c of the mountains. However, last Thursday night we had tornado warnings and spent the evening in our basement. Luckily for us only our power went out, no damage to the house, cars or trees. Later I heard that a T1 tornado did pass through. Scary stuff for just a T1…I can’t imagine what those people lived through with a T4. Thanks for spreading the word to help!

    • I am always so encouraged when I see people step up to the plate and help. It truly reaffirms my faith in humanity in a time when sometimes I fear we’re drowning in selfishness. I had some experience with tornadoes when we lived in Indiana and it’s scary stuff. Give me blizzards or hurricanes any day… at least we know they’re coming.

  • Kristy

    Thank you for posting this link, I have donated $ to Red Cross, but wanted a way to provide a more intimate contribution to some families. I placed my order today for many of the items on this registry and they should receive them tomorrow. I can’t imagine the pain they are all in and hope these items provide some comfort for the children and their families.

    Omaha, NE

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