Giving Him the Gift of Respect

(Over the next five weeks, I am partnering with some fantastic bloggers to share ideas on how we can Honor the Man They Call Daddy.  Daddies are  extremely important… and so is the way we treat them.  Join us as we explore different ways to set a great example for our children while paying respect to the men they call Daddy.)


As Father’s Day beckons, just over a month away, our minds often drift to ways we can make it special… we start thinking about menu plans, special outings, or perhaps that polo you’ve been eyeing at Kohl’s sure to bring out the green in his eyes.  But… is this what he wants?  Perhaps, even more to the point, is this what he most needs from you?


Honestly?  It’s easy to grab a new shirt… to find a fun gadget… to cook a yummy meal.  And there’s nothing wrong with those things!  But, at the heart of it, what does my husband need most from me?  What can I give him that will have a lasting impact on both our relationship and the way his children view him?




I should be honoring him and showing him that respect each and every day… it is my duty, my calling, my responsibility.   But how do you wrap it up in a box and slap a pretty bow on it?  What tangible gift can I hand to my husband that illustrates the deep love and respect I have for him?  How can I help my children show him that respect also, through a gift?


Here’s an easy, frugal gift you can do yourself, with the help of children of all ages, to help remind your main squeeze that he truly is “all that and a bag of chips” in your eyes:


You will need:

  • a jar (I grabbed a cute one from the dollar store, but anything will do.)
  • many small strips of paper (I used Post It flags and they were perfect for this project.  There are 150 per pack.)
  • a pen or marker

Sit down with your children and brainstorm.  Talk about all the things you love about Daddy.  Come up with all sorts of ways he is important in your lives.  Write them down.  If they vary from the absurd to the serious, all the better!   Ours included statements ranging from, “I like to play with your hair!” (from our five year old) to “You are the most competent, confident driver I’ve ever known.”    While we definitely included lots of activities we enjoyed (playing games, snuggling on the couch, going for walks, etc.) and admirable physical qualities (great hair, strong shoulders, sexy glasses ;)), I also made sure to mention all the ways he is a fantastic provider and protector for us.


He needs to hear that.


It may seem like he should just know it.  That he should realize how much you appreciate the pay check he brings home or how he always checks the locks on the door after everyone else is in bed.   But this would be like saying you should just know he thinks you’re pretty.  You like to hear it, don’t you?  And he deserves to be built up.  He needs to hear how much you respect him and that he is doing an awesome job in these roles.


One hundred and fifty things.  One hundred and fifty. That’s a lot!  It was especially a lot given the fact that my children are quite young and not a huge help in coming up with ideas. ;)  Still, it didn’t take us too terribly long.  And, in the end, you’ll have a jar full of reasons why your man is the best… why he is IT for you.


My husband took his to work and keeps it at his desk.  If he’s having a tough day, is bored, or just misses us, he can pull out a slip or two of paper and read our words and know just how much he’s loved and respected.  In the end, that’s more valuable than the awesome tie I found at Target…


Do you have any gift ideas that show your husband just how much you respect him?  If you’re looking for more ideas, be sure to visit:

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