Delight Your Man Through Food

Whether you’re planning a special Father’s Day menu or just want to peruse some suggestions for great man-pleasing fare, we’ve got you covered!


Amy gets to the heart of truly planning a meal that will please her man:


We all know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right?  That’s what I tell myself, anyway, as I slave away in the kitchen preparing meat and potatoes dishes that’ll stick to his ribs.  The food is good, and he does appreciate it, but what my man really wants is time with me out of the kitchen...


… and goes on to list some favorites of Coach Finer Things, including one of the yummiest-looking desserts I’ve ever laid eyes on!



Mandi recognizes her that her man’s tastes don’t follow the typical “meat and taters” rule:


My five-year-old is quite picky, but she gets it honestly from her Daddy, so I’m not too surprised by it!

Sean isn’t really a steak-and-potatoes guy, although he does love a good cheeseburger, so man fare looks a little different in our home than what you’d expect…


… and she shares yummy recipe ideas for each meal!  (p.s. It sounds like Mr. YourWay has excellent taste in pie.)



Tara finds just the thing for her seafood loving hubby (and, hey, I have one of those too!).  While her jambalaya recipe sounds scrumptious, it is this quote that delights me:


For the sake of convenience and family harmony, I eat whatever Joe cooks, and he eats whatever I cook. Eggs, poultry, red meat, beans – we each eat whatever the other makes…


… that, to me, shows that she and the Feels Like Home king know how to respect each other.



Jessica offers excellent suggestions for how to make sure the meals you plan will please the men in your family:


I live in a house of men. Though I have two young daughters, I also have four sons and one husband. Meal planning with my guys in mind is not difficult, but it’s different than if I were just planning for me and the girls.

While most of the FishFam likes a variety of foods, there are some techniques that help some weeks be more successful than others when it comes to meal planning.


… and even offers some good salad wisdom from FishPapa in the process!


No doubt about it… listening and paying attention to what our men want goes a long a way to ensuring they have happy, full bellies.  What are your favorite ways to delight your man through food?


(And be sure to come back Tuesday- we’ll each be discussing ways to make our homes welcoming, inviting havens for our men.)


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