A Meal For MY King

Meals fit for a king.  Man fare.  Whatever you call it, there are meals that we often associate with the hearty, robust appetites of our male counterparts.  Meat and taters.  Gravy.  Bacon… lots and lots of bacon.  These are foods that almost scream, “MAN!”   And, like all good stereotypes, there’s a reason we think of a happy, satisfied man when we hear those items mentioned: they make lots of men happy.  Good to know.


But does it matter?  Only if you’re married to one of those guys.


A meal fit for a king in your home needs to be a meal that pleases and satisfies the king of YOUR castle… no one else’s.  If your husband loves a big, leafy salad, then that’s man fare in your home.  If he prefers fish to steak, then that’s all that matters.


There a few things that pretty much guarantee a successful meal with my husband.  Bacon, alfredo sauce, swiss cheese, or crab go a long way to making a meal a success around here.  My ever-present desserts don’t hurt either.


Here are some meals that I know are definite wins with my man:

Pigs in Blankets (It doesn’t have to be fancy, friends!)

Scrambled Eggs with Bacon (Simple and comforting served alongside toast.)

Batter-Dipped Chicken Sandwiches (Popular with the whole family… I’ve had email after email thanking me for this recipe that “rivals Chick-Fil-A.”)

Seafood Crepes (This is the winner, it appears… my husband requested it for his birthday, Valentine’s Day, and now Father’s Day too.)

And, for after the main event…

Butterfinger Blondies (Peanut butter tops the list for dessert flavors in my man’s eyes.)

Small Pan, Big Taste Brownies (Rich, fudgy, sinful… these brownies are a great way to end a meal.)


For fun, I wanted to duplicate a favorite breakfast sandwich for him.  I’m not sure if they even still make it, but Burger King had a sandwich on their dollar breakfast menu called the Hamlet.  It involved: a bun, a slab of egg, some ham, a slice of cheese, and- here’s what made the whole thing in my opinion- honey butter.  It became a tradition for us to zip through the drive thru after each of my OB appointments with Baby #3 and grab one of those suckers.  I’ve made ham, egg, and cheese sandwiches at home for eons… I’d decided it was high time I replicated that honey butter, too.

An At-Home Hamlet

(for each sandwich, you will need)

1 egg

1/4 ham steak (This is WAY heartier than the little deli thin slices you find on the original.)

1 slice cheese (I used Swiss, because that’s the fave around here, but feel free to customize that to suit your guy’s tastes.)

1 bun

1/2 tablespoon honey butter (recipe follows)

bacon grease (or butter) for cooking

Melt butter or bacon grease over low-med heat.  Meanwhile scramble egg in small bowl and warm or toast bun.  Spread honey butter on top half.  Lay slice of cheese on top half of warm bun.  Cook egg, flipping once.  Use spatula to “fold” egg to fit bun and layer on top of cheese.  This will help melt the cheese and transform the honey butter to magic.  In same pan in which you cooked the egg, heat the ham steak.  Ham steaks are fully cooked already, so you’re really just warming it through and adding some lovely caramelization to the outside.  Place ham on top of egg, then finish with lower bun half and flip the whole thing over.


Here’s what makes the whole thing so darn special:

Honey Butter

1/2 cup butter

1/4 cup honey


Add both ingredients to a mixing bowl and beat on medium speed until the mixture appears slightly fluffy and the honey is well-incorporated.  Store on the counter if you’ll use it within a reasonable time frame or in the fridge for longer shelf-life.  Honey doesn’t spoil and butter is a lot more stable than some people think, so don’t worry overly much about it!


What do you serve at your home that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your man’s face?


Don’t miss the great suggestions from my lovely and clever partners in this Honoring the Man They Call Daddy series:

Amy, Jessica, Mandi, and Tara


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13 comments to A Meal For MY King

  • earleyml

    My husband LOVES Chick-Fil-A so I’m going to try your recipe for the batter-dipped chicken sandwich. I have two questions. First we normally buy chicken breast and they are HUGE, would you recommend cutting them in half length wise? Also, what does it mean to butterfly each piece of breast meat? Thanks for the idea! I can’t wait to try it!!! I’ll have to buy some waffle fries too, to make it really seem like Chick-Fil-A.

    • I would definitely cut them in half length-wise if they’re large. What you’re aiming for, really, is a chunk of chicken roughly the size of a deck of cards (perhaps a tad larger.) “Butterflying” is cutting the meat in half thickness-wise. With the breast sitting flat on a cutting board, hold the knife parallel to the board and cut through the center, resulting in two breast portions. Does that make sense? I can often get four sandwiches out of one good sized breast. I hope you like them!

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  • For my husband’s 30th birthday last year, I tried to come up with all sorts of ways to show him how great I thought he was that would really make him feel respected and loved.

    I’ve found that when I make him things to eat that I don’t necessarily like (these things don’t often make it on our table), he gets really excited. I made him meatloaf (DEFINITELY not my favorite), but I knew he would know I made it just for him. This is such an easy, respectful way to show your guy you love him. At least mine. :)

    This series is so fabulous! I know I don’t tell my husband enough how wonderful I think he is and he needs to hear it.

    • I think making meatloaf for your husband was a beautiful way of showing him just how much he matters! I recently made biscuits and sausage gravy for my husband for the same reason. He loved it and ate heartily, even though he couldn’t imagine why I wasn’t eating it. :) Thanks so much for your kind words about the series… I am really enjoying doing it. It’s good for me to remember these things! :)

  • Jenny

    Enjoying this series. A lot of good reminders going on here. I had completely forgotten about the hamlet. It was a huge craving of mine while carrying my youngest. Don’t know why I never thought about making them myself. : ) Thanks!

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