A Kick (or two) in the Pants

I have so many wonderful, delightful, entertaining “bloggy friends.”  I truly am blessed in that regard.  Two of my oldest (as in “had them the longest” not, “they’ve been alive a long time”) and dearest?  Amy and Jessica.

They are lovely.  And smart.  And encouraging.  And inspiring.

And not afraid to give me a needed kick in the pants.

Thanks in part to these two persistent ladies, you will be noticing big changes around here.  I am hoping it will be as seamless as possible for you but, please, bear with me?

I’m moving to WordPress, friends.  And my own domain.  And some other fun surprises.

I’m hoping it will make life easier for all of YOU.  I want to be able to better interact with you all in the comments.  I want the site to be easy to navigate.  I want a shorter URL for you all to type! ;)  I will have a recipe page where you can easily access all the many things I’ve shared over the years.

You all stuck with me through a high-risk pregnancy and an IRL move… you’ll stick with me while I do this too, right?

I, for one, can’t wait!

A good kick in the pants?  Well, that’s a finer thing.

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