A Blue Ribbon Day

It started a couple weeks ago.  My son came home from school, so excited and eager to tell me that they were having a pet show.


“Can we bring Jade, Mama?  You’ll let me show my friends the kitty, right?”


Sigh. Jade?  Really?  Crabby, anti-social, hates-the-carrier Jade?


“Of course, Sweetie.  Once I get all the details, we’ll see about taking Jade to the pet show.”


Yesterday was the pet show.

I posted this photo on Facebook with the caption “Victory is mine!”  (By the way, have you “liked” me over there, yet?  I’m still so brand new, but I’d welcome the opportunity to interact with you there.)  Despite my husband’s misgivings, I had no trouble getting the cat in her carrier.  I have a tried and true method that leaves me with unscathed arms despite her lack of cooperation in the matter.


As I hauled the carrier full of now-howling cat out to the car, I encountered the FedEx guy who spared me a pitying glance.  I saw our resident albino squirrel scurry up a tree and briefly considered how much cooler it would be if I could take him to the pet show instead.  I plopped the carrier on the passenger seat and headed off on my way.




Thank heavens the school is barely a mile away.


I saw the other pets all in a row- busy little hamsters, calm panting dogs, even a sweet baby goat.


“HIISSSSS!!!” from the carrier in my hand.


Sigh.  Seriously?  What on earth was I even doing there with this miserable creature?  Who would enjoy this cranky little tabby?  I took my place in the line-up, right next to a delightful cat named Tucker who liked belly rubs and cantaloupe.  And who didn’t growl and hiss incessantly.


I was prepared to apologize for my lousy pet as the entire school, K through 3, lined up to see the twenty-five or so pets who were there.


“Aw… look at this little cat!  She’s SO CUTE!!” (They were charmed by her tiny body all curled up.)


“Look at this kitty’s face!  She has the BEST eyes!” (They didn’t notice she was terrified.)


“How old is she?  Eight?  Hey- I’m eight!” (They were oblivious to her glares of disdain.)


“I love your cat!  She’s got neat white feet!” (They didn’t know I was worried about those white feet reaching out to swipe.)


“I bet it’s nice having such a cute pet!” …


Well, yes.  Yes, I guess it is.


And it’s also nice to have a couple hundred children, with their wonderful fresh eyes and open minds, teach me yet another lesson.


And, oh yeah, Jade, my ornery, unfriendly cat, won a blue ribbon.

Who’d have thought?


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