Menu Plan: 4/10 – The "I’m Not Spontaneous" Plan

Ack. This kitchen renovation, while lovely, is seriously cramping my cooking style! Not only have I had days where I couldn’t get at ANY of my major appliances, we’ve also been so busy on the weekends that we haven’t made it to the store to do our major monthly trip.

Have I mentioned I am not the spontaneous sort???

Ah, well. ‘Tis just a season. For this week, I’ll be winging breakfasts and lunches a bit (I foresee oatmeal, muffins, eggs, quesadillas, and sandwiches on rotation!) and serving up the following “on hand” things for supper:

Sunday- Grilled Cheese, Applesauce

Monday- Fusilli w/ Red Sauce, Broccoli, Garlic Bread

Tuesday- Eggs in a Nest w/ Diced Honey Ham, Grapefruit

Wednesday- Chicken and Rice Enchiladas

Thursday- Souped Up Tomato Soup, Cheese Bread

Friday- Fire Roasted Tomato & Shrimp Pizza

Saturday- Macaroni Salad w/ Chicken, Carrots, etc.

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