I Vaccinate, Cuddle, and Drink Diet Coke… and So?

I am raising my children alongside me in the Catholic faith. (But I do not believe your Protestant soul is destined for hell.)

I serve my children 1% milk and I truly believe it is good for them. (But I do not think you’re stupid or wrong to choose whole, raw milk.)

I choose to avoid all soda and gum for my children, even on “special occasions.” (But I don’t take issue if you give your preschooler some root beer.)

I firmly believe I am doing the right thing for my children and my community by vaccinating them. (But I also believe you’ve done your research and have your reasons if you choose not to.)

The thought of “sleep-training” makes me feel a little ill, to be honest. (But I’m not going to debate with you if you’ve found it works for your family.)

I think routines and early bedtimes are best for small children. (But I won’t judge you if that’s not how you do things.)

I like Diet Coke and will continue to enjoy it now and again. (But I do hear you when you tell me why it’s not so good for me.)

I am completely proud to be a stay-at-home mom and I do it because I think it is fantastic for my children and husband too. (But it is not my belief that “staying home” should be the measuring stick by which we gauge a good wife or mother.)

I am as likely to make my own from scratch macaroni and cheese as I am to serve up the stuff that comes in a blue box…

Because both get the job done adequately and neither is an indication that I am better, smarter, or “right.”

How about you? How do you feel about those issues? Have you ever felt put-down because of how you do things? (Just so you know… I love you just the way you are. )

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Linked to WFMW because, after all, aren’t we all trying our best to find what works?

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  • Chi Chi

    I have felt put down for not celebrating Halloween, for telling my kids the truth about Christmas and not pushing Santa, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, etc on them. I have felt put down for celebrating Jesus and not compromising. But as much as I feel put down I feel I have made that much more of an impact on people…enough to have some of the same people who have shunned me, come to me and ask “why?” And this opens up a healthy conversation, which may or may not end in them seeking God. Most of all it leaves me with two very beautiful, smart children who are not afraid to be who God created them to be. And they are not afraid to love others in spite of.

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