I Bet You Didn’t Even Know This Was Wrong With You

Here’s where I tell you that I don’t watch TV during the day.

(Whoops- not true. I sometimes watch football on Sundays with my hubby. Anywho…)
Yesterday, I had a bunch of laundry to fold while my bigs were at school. The baby was napping and I wanted some background noise. I clicked the tube on and just left it on whatever network channel it had been on from the night before. And The Doctors was on.
Are you familiar with this show? I’ve not really watched it, but the gist seems to be that there are four doctors of different specialties up there in a panel formation talking about various issues and innovations. Okay. Good enough. Whatever.
So they have this special guest urologist on there and she starts talking about how women really need to- I kid you not- stand and squat over a mirror to get a good look at what’s going on, *ahem*, DOWN THERE. Alright. Perhaps there’s a good reason for this…
Now, lest you think that we’re to do this to check for any symptoms of illness or problems that could affect our health, allow me to (delicately) explain the why of all this.
She went on to explain that after having given birth- or in “later years” (<-- read- past the age of 25) we ladies are no longer as attractive there. You don't need the graphic details that I heard outlined as I matched socks but it all had to with fat distribution and all sorts of nonsense.
Apparently there are procedures to “fix” us. To rejuvenate us back to that “early 20′s” state. The segment concluded by encouraging- insisting really- that women should absolutely scrutinize themselves because, really, you could feel so, so, so much better about yourself after one (or more!) or these procedures.
Is this really what we need to be doing to women???
I don’t know about you, but I have enough insecurities without a team of “experts” going on air to tell me just one more part of myself that’s not good enough. I have enough commercials telling me my grey hairs, wrinkles, or stretch marks are unbearable flaws. And now this? The “specialist” says that you might not be able to see the “problem” when sitting or laying down, so it’s essential that you assume this squat-y pose to really assess yourself. You know, in case you thought you were A-OK as is.
I’m all about doing any self-checks recommended to help keep us healthy. Checking your breasts? Good plan. Scanning your skin for changes in moles? Smart move.
Looking for problems? Seeking out something to worry about? Stressing over something that IS NOT WRONG WITH YOU?
I don’t care what a bunch of Doctors try to tell you.
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