Housekeeping Shortcuts

Let me make this very clear and simple:

I love to cook and bake. I do NOT love to clean.

But here are a couple little things I’ve found that make it easier for me to at least keep it together:

  1. Don’t sort the laundry. Unless something is brand new, I don’t worry about colors bleeding. I just wash it all in cold.
  2. Or DO sort laundry, but in a way that makes life easier for you. I wash the kids’ clothes together in one load and my husband’s and my things in another. This makes the sorting and putting away easier for me.
  3. When you need to wash your hands, wash a dish. Any time I need to wash my hands while cooking, I wash something. Two birds, one stone, people.
  4. Keep the vacuum out. Is this tacky? Probably, but it works for me. Unless I’m having company over, I leave the vacuum tucked in a handy corner, already plugged in.
  5. Bake yummy things… you’d be amazed how much dust people will overlook if the whole place smells like brownies

Are you a reluctant housekeeper? What’s your favorite quick tip?

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