I Don’t Like to Comment

I know I’ve mentioned before that I’m Catholic and, also, for those people who somehow miss this fact… Christian. (And conservative and pro-life and all that stuff too, but that’s not so important right now.)

I am a Christian woman. My faith and my prayer life are deeply important to me. They are at the core of, well, who I am.
So it should come as no surprise that I love to visit and read the writing of other Christian women. I am so inspired by the passionate words of so many of you… your strong beliefs and devotion to Christ make my days richer.
But I don’t like to comment.
I hesitate- again and again- to add my two cents even when I feel so very moved to do so. I want, so badly, to share what it has meant to me, to say that I thought your words were amazing. But I do not.
I do not because I’m realizing that I don’t measure up when it comes to knowing how to “talk the talk.”
I’m not super handy at quoting scripture on the fly and I don’t have a lot of uplifting pulpit-worthy language in my repertoire. If I were to write, it would say something like this:
“Wow, this is powerful stuff. I think we all need to think about these things when we look at how we treat each other.”
Or something like that. Simple, everyday language. I just don’t know how to reference religious chapters and elements with the ease that some seem to demonstrate. When I try, it sounds forced. And false.
And so I feel like less. I feel like what I have to say won’t sound as devout… as, well, Christian.
I don’t know what to make of all that or even what I should do about it.
I certainly have tons of respect, and sometimes even envy, for these ladies who know how to “talk the talk”. So, I guess the question is this…
Is it more important that I learn how to “talk the talk” or that I continue in that never-ending daily struggle of trying to “walk the walk”?

And, just know, that just because I may not be commenting… it doesn’t mean you haven’t stirred something in my heart.
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