Saving A Fetus

What bothers me the most about this whole situation is how everyone keeps calling it a baby… that’s a fetus,. not a baby, and we’re talking about a miscarriage, not a premature birth. The doctors who resuscitated that thing should be sued…

–anonymous comment left on a post about the Duggar’s 19th child (the page has since been removed so I cannot properly link to it- my apologies)

Whether you look upon the Duggar family with morbid fascination, as a source of inspiration, or simply as an example of what NOT to do, this is not the time to pass judgment. A fragile baby girl’s life hangs in the balance… a little girl no less precious to God for having arrived too soon. I confess- I almost threw up when I read the above comment… it goes so very against what I believe, but I was also staggered by the lack of compassion being shown.

I encourage you to take a moment to pray for Josie… pray that she has the fighting spirit she’ll need to be triumphant. Pray that God looks over her on this, her first Christmas season. And, just for a moment, pray for those so misguided they would write the above…

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5 comments to Saving A Fetus

  • Amanda Mae

    That statement makes me sick as well. I will just never understand how some people can feel that way. I have been praying for Josie and the Duggar's and will pray for this person as well. Thanks for posting!

  • HeatherP

    I think what you wrote was perfect. I'll be praying for little Josie.

  • Heather Benza

    I have heard no reports of resuscitation being required. I think this person may need a brush up on developmental biology. Clearly it is not a desirable to be born at 25 or 26 weeks gestation, but it's certainly more likely the baby will survive than not. Perhaps they were envisioning some not quite formed mutant being ripped from the grips of death by a medical team with a God complex..or maybe that person is just a rude, inappropriate moron. I'm looking forward to reports of how fantastic Josie is progressing!

  • Carla

    My son and daughter-in-law came to visit us 3 weeks ago for Thanksgiving. They live 3 hours away. She went into labor Thanksgiving morning and her twin boys were born that night at 24 weeks gestation. They both weighed 1 pound 9ozs. and 12 inches long. They are so tiny. One had heart surgery 2 days ago to close his ductus. He has also been fighting and beaten, pneumonia. The other was put into isolation with MRSA a staph infection. The point of me conveying all of this is that at a little over 3 weeks old, these two have a fighting spirit that is awesome. Plus God has been working miracles and blessings through them like you wouldn't believe.
    I cannot believe that anyone would not see the Duggers child as a baby. A human being. People should really google the image of a 24+ week old micro-preemie and see for themselves that they are a fully formed, living, breathing human being. Not just a fetus! I'll be praying for Anonymous. They obviously need it.

  • Anonymous

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