Portrait Of A Pregnancy After A Preemie: Part 6

So there I am! Seven months pregnant and wearing my most “pregnant-looking” top. I have a most definite bump now and my husband and I are both very aware of it. The rest of the world? Not so much, apparently. Yesterday I dropped my son off at preschool and ran into someone I hadn’t seen since January. She exclaimed, “Oh! And you obviously had your baby!” Um, no. Still seven months pregnant here. And very happy to be so!

I’m doing another little dance of joy now that I’ve passed the 28-week mark. Twenty-eight weeks was my “big goal” to hit when I went into labor so early with my second child. As you all know, I only made it to just barely 24-weeks. But I’ve never forgotten all the statistics they threw at me that went with these weekly milestones. I take nothing for granted.

As delighted as I am to be this far along, I am even more thrilled at the prospect of two more months of carrying this precious life. While I tend to have rough first trimesters (I usually end up hospitalized at some point because I just get so sick), I seem to have very comfortable third trimesters. I don’t retain water or have issues with swelling. I don’t suffer significant back pain. I sleep very well at night. As a result, I really have nothing to complain about and get to just enjoy every moment of letting this baby grow and thrive.

I had my last “monthly” OB check-up today. From here on out, I go in every two weeks. My blood pressure was down a bit, which is more typical for me (and good!). I did manage to gain a few pounds, so I’m at a net gain of 14 pounds right now. I won’t lie– I think our Easter feast helped nudge me along in that area! ;)

I got the results of my gestational diabetes test and the doctor was thrilled with my levels. To be truthful, I really never had any concerns about those results, but it’s still always nice to hear that things are as they should be.

Baby’s heart-rate is in the 140′s and strong. I measure spot on. My OB laughed because she could watch the baby move all around my belly while she took the measurements. And that’s how things always are with this little one! All three of my babies have been very busy in utero… but this one? This one takes the cake. Even through a fleece pull-over, this child’s acrobatics are perfectly visible to the outside world. I love it!

In case you can’t tell… everything’s great. I still get told I look small. People remain unimpressed with my bump. But knowing that baby is growing and thriving is all I need to know….

Grow, baby, grow!

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