Getting My Head Above Water

I spent most of last week trying to get through the days with a cold that kicked my tail (which, blessedly, is almost gone now) while attempting to potty-train two children (more on that in a post at a later date) and preparing to host my husband’s entire side of the family for Easter…

Needless to say, I wasn’t around the bloggy world very much!

But I’m back now, and I’ve just about got my head above water again. Here are a few things I’ve got planned for this week:

  • I’ve got summer cook-outs on the brain and a great burger topper recipe for tomorrow.
  • Playing outside with the kiddos and a great giveaway to make summer playtime even more fun! Giveaway starts Wednesday.
  • The Virtual Great American Bake Sale has arrived!
  • Stretching a ham throughout the week.
  • A 7-month pregnancy update… has the bump finally become impressive???

So please stop by and see me as I embark on a more regular writing schedule again! It’s so good to be back.

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