Easter Finery

I’ve mentioned it a couple of times already– I always host Easter. We live in the same state as all my husband’s family, so we usually have a pretty good-sized gathering. Not surprisingly, we have a number of ongoing traditions… don’t most families? One that started the Easter right after we brought our baby daughter (the sixth grandchild) home is dressing the cousins alike for the holiday. Easter is the only time of year we do it, but my mother-in-law just adores those pictures off all the grandkids (eight of them now) coordinated and piled together.

Finding matching dresses for five girls was usually not much of a challenge. (Getting their three moms to agree on them? Well, that’s a different issue altogether… ;)) Finding matching dress clothes for three boys ranging in age from one to thirteen? A whole ‘nother story. They most often ended up in polos and khaki pants. Cute? You better believe it. But this year my four-year old caught on that that just wasn’t “fancy”. And so when we spotted the Dockers sets in Sears with cute pin-striped vests and elastic-waist dress pants (perfect for one recently potty-trained!), we were all over them…

I don’t spend a lot of time getting my kids all “gussied up”. My usual preference tends much more toward comfy play clothes because, well, they are KIDS after all. But my little ones all dolled up for the holiday? Well, that’s one of the Finer Things in this mama’s life…
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