Lingerie Straps

I absolutely love to do crafts with my kids. And they love it too! Like so many moms, I could easily drop a bundle on craft supplies because there are so many fun and nifty things out there…

But I don’t HAVE a bundle to drop on craft supplies and you know what? Kids really don’t care. They don’t need much “nifty” stuff to create, and they don’t seem any more impressed with fancy kits than they are with some paper, glue, and scissors.

Ribbon is one area where I resolved to not spend a dime.

Do you wear this kind of top?

I do. I love these little tanks for layering and also for non-impact exercise. What I have never understood about them, however, is why they all seem to come with those ribbon loops inside… the ones designed for hanging? Because, really now… who hangs up a little knit tank top? Certainly not me.

I used to just deal with them, tuck them back in, shove them down the sides and try to ignore them. It was such a minor annoyance that I didn’t think much about it….

But one day, I took a pair of tiny scissors to those ribbons and cut them all out. I was left with a wide array of colors of approx. 12″ satin ribbon. Perfect for crafting…

What are some of your favorite “odd” items you’ve re-purposed for crafting?

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