Buying a New Car

Last week, my husband and I bought a new car. New, new. Not “new to us”. As in, less than 30 miles on it when we left the lot. Thanks in part to lots of great input from all of you back when I posted this question, we decided we would make it a goal and mission to trade in my 2002 GMC Envoy (a mid-size kind of “fancy pants” SUV) for a minivan. We figured this would be helpful in accomodating three car seats come June!

We talked it out. We debated. We came up with pros and cons. We tried to decide between buying used or buying new. And you know what? We decided to buy new.

You know what’s funny? As we left the car dealership, this thought crossed my mind:

“My frugal blog friends aren’t gonna like this. They’re gonna think I made a big mistake. This doesn’t fit in with my ‘deal-seeking’ self…”

Except… it does. Buying new was the logical, frugal thing for us to do. And here are some reasons why…

First of all, I really, really don’t like the idea of not knowing the history of a vehicle… at least not “for sure”. For the same reason experts advise against buying car seats at yard sales (you don’t know for sure what they’ve been through), I don’t like the idea of buying a car from a stranger. I KNOW where my minivan’s been. And that makes me feel better. I’ve known too many people who bought used cars and inherited a bunch of problems.

My car has extremely low mileage. Is this a deal-breaker? Nope. But it’s nice knowing that I am just THAT far from all kinds of necessary maintenance.

Speaking of maintenance, I love the fact that my car came with a 10 year/ 100K mile bumper-to-bumper warranty INCLUDING my tires and roadside assistance. Oh yeah, and they’ll also fix minor scratches and dings from shopping carts and such for free. And change my oil. Because here’s the thing– I am not a mechanic. Nor is my husband. He knows his way around cars, but neither one of us really wants him spending his family-time poking around a vehicle and trouble-shooting. Plus, newer cars are so computerized there’s not too much you can do from home anyway.

And aesthetically? My new minivan is clean, shiny, smells fabulous, and is the exact color I wanted. Those are all just perks, but I’m not going to deny that it makes me happy…

But what about the cost? Don’t you know it depreciates when you drive off the lot? NEW CARS ARE A WASTE OF MONEY.

I can hear you all. I’ve heard your voices in my head for weeks now. Months even. And this is what I have to say to that…

Our new minivan did not cost us nearly as much as most people would expect. We chose a 2008 model since the dealerships are desperate to unload them. The economy is SO bad right now that the incentives are crazy ($8,000 cash back). Even though we plan to pay the whole thing off with cash, we went through the financing guy because he threw in all kinds of “extras” and “incentives” and “coupons” that saved us a bundle. Truth? Because my husband and I are real “financial types” (we both come from banking backgrounds), our credit scores are ridiculously high– we have, and use, credit very wisely. The result? Finance companies fall all over themselves to make us happy because they’re so delighted to have truly qualified buyers. We know this and we definitely benefited from it.

Still… a new car costs money. And likely more than a used one. Where did we come up with it?

Short answer? The stock market. My husband started with a very small investment and managed to grow it into many thousands over a few months. Is that a good way to go for everybody? Um, no. You just have to decide it’s important and commit to scraping some pennies together in whatever way you know how- for some, that’s selling things on Craigslist. For others, it’s having an Etsy shop. Still others buy and resell from thrift shops. For us, it was stocks. Whatever works.

So now I have a brand new pretty blue minivan that I love. It is absolutely a Finer Thing to know I have plenty of room for my growing family! Yes, I bought a brand new car and I’m not ashamed. I’m also not wasteful.

New car = frugal choice?

In my case, I truly believe it to be so.
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  • norma

    We just bought our first car through a dealership and my bottom line was the monthly payment needed to be what I could work with more than the whole price as long as it wasn’t a complete rip off and so we pick a car about 6 yrs old in good shape with good mileage thinking it was a great deal but after the fact I was looking at my bank website and the interest rate was higher on an older car than a newer one so I could of got a newer car at the same monthly payment bc I wouldn’t of been paying so much in interest, definitely will be talking to my bank next time instead of playing the car lot games.

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