Burdens to Blessings

Today, I glanced at next month’s calendar page just to see what lay ahead. I saw that my little girl has an appointment with Pediatric Ophthalmology in April. At 8:00 am. At first, I kind of rolled my eyes. For those appointments, I have to drive to our capital city and it will take me at least two hours, each way, with traffic. So I’ll need to be out the door at 5-something. Even for early-bird me, that’s early to have my 3-year old dressed, ready, and loaded in the car. I also need to make arrangements to have someone meet my 4-year old son when he gets off the bus at 11:30 since it’s unlikely I’ll be home by then. Kind of a hassle, all around…

But really? If I think about it?

I am so blessed.

Our pediatric ophthalmologist is amazing. He is one of my favorite doctors we’ve ever had and he is world-renowned for some of the work he does.

He practices at an amazing children’s hospital (see the commercial footage we shot for Riley Hospital in my right side-bar)- the hospital where my daughter was born. The hospital with one the top 5 NICU’s in the nation. His early diagnosis of my daughter’s ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity) is one of the main reasons we were able to get the surgery done to prevent her from completely losing her sight.

And my drive? It’s not so bad. We’ll sing some tunes, watch the sun come up, and I’ll sip some coffee while she sips some milk.

What looked like a burden is truly a blessing. And realizing that? Well… that’s a Finer Thing in Life.

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