All THAT and a party break too?

Welcome! It’s time for the Ultimate Blog Party 2009, hosted at 5 Minutes For Mom. How fun! At six months pregnant with a 4- and a 3-year old, I don’t get to many parties… you know how it goes.

If that’s what brought you here, I’m so happy to have you.

My name is JessieLeigh and I’m the mother of a former micropreemie. My daughter was born at only 24 weeks gestation and weighed in at 1 lb 5 oz. Here, I talk about that journey and address some of the ongoing challenges that other parents of micropreemies can expect to face even after bringing their babies home.

I also spend a fair bit of time addressing hospitality and ways we can give back. I truly believe that most people have a desire to help and I try to offer some suggestions and experiences as guidance!

Finally, I’m currently 25 weeks pregnant with our third baby and I’ve been sharing the ups and downs of a pregnancy after having given birth so early last time. There have been challenges and a whole lot of joy. I admit I live in fear of going into labor any day…

Whether you’re the parent of preemie, know someone who is, or would just like to learn a little about these inspiring tiny miracles, make yourself at home! I’m delighted to have you here.

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