13 Little Things I Miss While I’m Pregnant

(** Disclaimer: Please know that I am fully aware that not ONE of these of things is really a big deal and that having a happy, healthy baby trumps them all. I’ve had a great pregnancy and don’t want anyone to think I’m complaining! But, just for fun, here are I few things that I must confess I’m looking forward to being able to enjoy again!)

1. Blue Cheese- I adore blue cheese… on a steak, in an omelet, you name it. But it’s not pasteurized. Sigh.
2. Rare Steak- I really only like rare or medium rare. As a result, I pretty much don’t eat it through the pregnancy…
3. Balance Ball Work-Outs- Really. I’m a fanatic about keeping my abs in shape. (Perhaps one of the reasons my bump is slow to grow!) I truly miss these work-outs, but it’s great to know I’ll have them to whip myself back into shape when the time comes.
4. A Glass Of Sauvignon Blanc- From New Zealand, please. Oh, yum. My very favorite wine- bone dry and crisp.
5. Raw Eggs- Okay, I don’t actually eat raw eggs, but I am notorious for licking cookie dough and brownie batter when not pregnant. One of my favorite parts of baking!
6. High Heels- My center of gravity is not what it used to be. I fell on my face wearing flats yesterday. Heels are not something I want to risk at the moment…
7. Normal Flossing- I have major issues with bleeding gums when I’m pregnant. Kind of icky.
8. Regular Coffee- I’m pretty content with my decaf but there are days, oh, there are days when a little caffeine would sure help!
9. Lifting My Children- Having a restriction of “nothing over 15 lb” means they’re both off-limits. We’ve adjusted pretty well but there are times when it breaks my heart that I can’t pick them up.
10. My Waist :)- I normally have a pretty tiny waist. Right now I just feel kind of “thick”.
11. Staying Up Past 10 pm Occasionally- I simply cannot keep my eyes open past 10. I’ve tried. It’s ridiculous. But, on the plus side, it beats the first trimester when I couldn’t stay up past 8:30! ;)
12. Jogging- Again, something I enjoy doing to keep in shape. I’m still walking on the treadmill every day for at least a mile and a half, but it never feels quite as invigorating.
13. Oh, for goodness sake, scrap it all! I wouldn’t trade feeling this baby kick and somersault for all of those things put together!

How about you? If you’re currently expecting, what do you miss the most? Or what do you recall missing during previous pregnancies? Always fun to share!

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2 comments to 13 Little Things I Miss While I’m Pregnant

  • I can’t believe I forgot coffee on my list :)! I love your #13 best of all. The funny thing is that if I’m pregnant I complain about alot of it yet when I’m not, I tend to “forget” about all the hard work. Even now that I’ve experienced one pregnancy and a newborn stage, you kind of forget how hard it is. Thank God or else I’d never want another ;).

    • There have been actual studies indicating that women’s brains release some sort of chemical during birth that truly does act as as sort of amnesiac and there are lots of theories that this is to ensure we continue to have more babies! I find that fascinating (and kind of funny, too ;))

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