A Word of Encouragement For Those With 2 Under 2 (or 1!)

If you have two babies close together, most often defined as two in under two years, some people will think you’re nuts. You’ll hear comments like, “You do know how that happens, right?” You’ll likely go a long stretch without ever really getting a good night’s sleep. You’ll be changing LOTS of diapers. You’ll be doing a whole lot of lifting and carrying. And sometimes it will be overwhelming. You may wonder, “When will it get easier?” or “Why did I think this was a good idea… my older one can’t help at all!” And, while your kids are close in age, they really won’t play together for awhile…

But, rest easy, one day you’ll walk in and see this…

… and the mess won’t matter. The piles of diapers won’t matter. All of a sudden, you’ll have two little ones who play together, laugh together, and never remember a time when the other wasn’t there.

I had my first two less than eleven months apart. I had some really crazy days, much like any mommy, and I truly had two babies who both needed me just about every minute of every day. And I loved it…

Notice the toys and puzzles all around me? Notice my messy hair and baggy sweatshirt? Didn’t matter. I had two sweet snuggle-bugs who loved each other and me.

The time goes fast… mine are 3 and 4 now. Still little, but far less dependent. They feed themselves now. Play together without me around. Get out their own games and books. The 4-year old reads to the 3-year old. They still have no jealousy. They still make each other laugh and smile.

You have that to look forward to! But cherish the days of 2 under 2… and know you’re NOT crazy… or alone.

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