12 Days of the Valentine Queen: Day11

12 Days of the Valentine Queen

Day 11: Lacy, Girly Things

I am really not an “overly fussy” kind of a girl. I don’t much like knick-knacks (aka dust collectors) and I don’t own one single throw pillow. But I DO really enjoy little touches of lace and femininity sprinkled throughout my home.

One example? Hand crocheted doilies. I have several that were made by my grandmother and a couple that I made myself. I always have a couple of these doilies out but, at Valentine’s Day, I love to let them really take center stage… under a vase of pretty flowers, under a cut-glass candy dish, where ever a little lacy-ness is in order!

How about you? Do you enjoy some pink and frills and lace once in awhile?

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