Shameless Plea…

***Update: Polls are now closed over at LifeAsMOM. But guess what? The breakfast cake won! Thanks to all of you who took the time to cast a vote– I know a little 4-year old who is going to be one happy little man!***

Isn’t he cute?

That’s my little guy, who will be 4 on the 27th (thus ending my stint with two 3-year olds!). For his birthday celebration he requested a breakfast theme. Easy enough. I can whip up pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage in a flash.

For his cake? My ever-thinking boy told me he thought the cake should LOOK like breakfast. You know, like a platter of eggs and bacon or something. Hmmm…

Good thing I’m cyber-friends with FishMama! She’s a pro at whipping up theme birthday cakes. And, lucky me, this week she issued a challenge to US to challenge HER to take on a theme.

My breakfast cake is one of six in the running… and it’s currently in 2nd place…

So here’s where I start begging…

Please go here and look in the right sidebar. You’ll see a poll entitled “What Kind of Cake Do You Challenge Me With?” Vote for the Breakfast Cake! My birthday boy and I would be ever so grateful. And, if you’re not already reading FishMama’s site, I think you should be… she tackles great topics and provides helpful, non-preachy advice.

(Note for people like me who hate filling out forms: You do not need to enter any information, register, sign in, or any other extra stuff to vote. Just click. Even for folks with dial-up like me it’s a painless process!)

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