Questions For the Pediatrician

Okay… this is such a no-brainer. But, believe it or not, my pediatrician says I’m one of the few parents he has who does this.

When one of my children has a well-child appointment coming up, I make a list of questions or concerns that my husband and I would like addressed. I have a decent memory, but odds are good that, in the midst of child-wrangling, I’ll forget something if it’s not on paper…

I keep a notebook handy and jot things down as I think of them. The morning of the appointment, I check with my husband to see if he has any last minute additions. And then I go right down that list with our doctor. I scrawl down any information I want to be sure to remember to share with hubby later. When we’re done going over our pediatrician’s recommendations, I file the paper away in my kids’ medical folder.

Writing it down saves me a ton of frustration and ensures I won’t have to smack myself on the forehead as I drive home and realize, “Oh! I forgot to ask…”

Writing it down works for me.

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