I Love White Flour

There. I said it. And I’ll say it again. I love white flour. For lots of reasons. And, sometimes, I’m left to feel like a very bad person for feeling that way. Or for letting my children consume products containing white flour. And white sugar, for that matter, but for now, I’m talking about white flour…

I really love wheat flour too. We adore wheat bread around here. The grainier the English muffins, the better. I love baking up breads and muffins and bagels using wheat flour… and we gobble them up.

But you know what?

Nothing really takes the place of white flour in my book.

I’ve tried.

I baked up the cinnamon rolls with wheat flour and, while I’m happy to report that my kids happily scarfed them down (amazing what frosting can do), I thought they had a funky taste and, while, to his credit, he didn’t actually complain, I know my husband found them a poor substitution for my usual rolls. If I’m going to fuss with cinnamon rolls, I want them to be delicious. Not just passable.

Ditto on the pizza crust. It didn’t work for me. I didn’t like the flavor or texture and it ruined the whole experience for me.

I’m sure there are dozen of other recipes I could try, but I’m not really sure I want to… because my white flour recipes are already delicious.

We enjoy whole grains around here and we get a lot of them…

But you know what?

I love white flour.

And I’m going to keep right on using it…

Am I the only one?

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