Happy Birthday To My Other Miracle!

The bulk of this blog is devoted to writing about my preemie daughter and all of the challenges and adventures involved with parenting a very premature baby. But, if you’ve read more than a few posts, you’ve probably also seen mention of my son. Just under eleven months older that our little girl, he was our first baby. And he’s every bit as precious to us…

A’s birth story is far less dramatic than C’s. At 41 weeks pregnant, my water broke and our little man came into the world a not-unreasonable 7 hours later. At 8:05 am, January 27, 2005, we learned we had a son. Eight pounds even. Twenty-one inches long. Everyone was surprised at his size since I had carried very small. The birth went smoothly and, filled with wonderful Mommy-endorphins, I declared, “I cannot WAIT to do it again!!!” Little did I know… :)

A’s size at birth was larger than we had anticipated but he was by no means huge. However, by two months old, he was off the charts for weight and height and he has remained there ever since. While predictions show my daughter topping out at about 5’2″ and 102 lb, those same charts indicate that my son will be at least 6’6″. I chuckle to think of our future family pictures…

I’ve said before that C. is Daddy’s little girl. No doubt. My consolation is that A. is Mama’s boy. Through and through. He is my constant companion– my baking assistant, my back-up singer, my fellow foreign language-lover.

He is our gentle giant. Kind-hearted and sensitive. Sweet and loving toward his little sister. Always ready for a hug or a snuggle…

Happy Birthday to my precious first-born. May this, your 4th birthday, be filled with only joy.

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