13 Things I Learned From Having A Micropreemie

  1. That a baby born at less than 24 weeks gestation looks like… a baby.
  2. How to convert the metric system
  3. How to take an axillary temperature.
  4. That I can live in one room with no TV and no internet and be perfectly content as long as my family is healthy and thriving.
  5. That Christmas in the hospital does not have to be joyless.
  6. How to pump… a lot.
  7. How to suction out a ventilator tube.
  8. How to insert an NG-tube through a tiny baby’s nose down into her stomach.
  9. How to use a stethoscope to check the placement of the above-mentioned tube.
  10. How to interpret an apnea monitor.
  11. How to juggle an infant, an oxygen tank, a feeding tube, and a monitor while also carrying a toddler.
  12. How precious every single day in utero can be.
  13. That sometimes the simplest of prayers (“Please God, please God, oh please…”) is all it takes.

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