Portrait of a Pregnancy After a Preemie: Part Two

Our 10 week 6 day old little one… who can argue that’s not a baby????

I’m almost thirteen weeks pregnant right now and, while that is not anywhere even close to a full-term 40-week pregnancy, it’s more than half of how far I made it last time. It’s a little hard for me to explain, but I’m finding that I don’t take a single day of this pregnancy for granted. I find myself thanking God at random intervals during the day for how smoothly things have gone so far. And I’m really not wishing any of it away. I’m perfectly content with this exact moment in time…

Some things I’m focused on right now:

1. Enjoying these last 7 weeks before the restrictions start. I’m spending time walking on the treadmill, picking up my children, and staying OUT of bed!

2. We are making a conscious effort to help C. graduate on to some new things without rushing her. She recently switched from the high chair to a booster which will help greatly when I’m not allowed to lift her anymore.

3. Feeling endlessly grateful that the nausea is lessening each and every day. I feel a large part of that is due to a new prenatal vitamin with mega doses of B-vitamins in it. But, even with the nausea, I’ve been incredibly grateful to not be getting sick constantly like I was last time around…

4. Still getting all the way back on my feet. At 10 1/2 weeks pregnant, I caught some nasty gastro-intestinal thing that made me sicker than I’ve ever been in my life. The doctor made me go to the ER where I received IV fluids and medications. I’ve felt fine for awhile now, but tests keep showing that I’m still dehydrated. I’m drinking enough water these days to float!

Some things I’m anticipating:

1. Increasingly frequent appointments- I remember with my first pregnancy, I would have happily trotted in that office every week if they wanted me! I just loved hearing how things were progressing. I certainly don’t mind going, but I would gladly trade frequent updates for a non-high-risk pregnancy!

2. Even less queasiness and more energy- If past predicts the future, I should be feeling better and better in about a month or so… something to look forward to even as I cherish all the weeks in between!

3. Getting nagged to gain weight- I’m not sure why it is, but I always lose weight when I’m pregnant even when I eat well. Since I don’t start out at all overweight, this becomes an issue around about the 4th month. Up until then, my doctors don’t seem to care much. But usually when I waltz in at four months with maybe a half-pound weight gain under my belt, I get a lecture. Now, I realize this might sound like a dream come true to some people… being told to gain more weight. But, the thing is, it still makes you feel like a failure. I already know I’m down a few pounds right now from my starting weight, so I’m guessing it’ll be the same ol’ story…

Some questions for all of you:

1. Have any of you had to spend time on bed rest while remaining the primary care giver for other young children? How did you cope?

2. Have any of you had experience consulting with a perinatologist? If so, how did those appointments differ from more typical OB appointments?

3. Have any of you had a child after having had a classic c-section (that’s a c-section where they cut you vertically instead of laterally)? Did the surgeon have to do a repeat classic?

Any input is so very appreciated.

I’ll keep you all updated as the weeks roll on… as always, feel free to ask me any questions or provide any insight in the comments or through email!

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