Happy 3rd Birthday!!!

(Oh, yeah… and Merry Christmas Eve to all of the rest of you too!)

Last Saturday, we celebrated C’s 3rd birthday. But her actual day is today! I made a vow the day my little girl was born that I would never let that fact go unnoticed.

(Pink cupcakes with sprinkles were fun, girly, and tasty… and much easier to deal with than cutting a cake!)

(A new apron made by Bama… and a whisk! That whisk was the favorite gift!!)

(An apron, a tiara (from her brother), and frog slippers– what an ensemble!)

(Yum! Cake time… and note the ever-present whisk…)

It is hard to believe that it has been three whole years since our little girl’s dramatic entrance into the world. It’s also hard to believe that for just over a month I now have two 3-year olds! Lots of fun ahead!

Enjoy beautiful holidays with your loved ones and I look forward to sharing more with you in the very near future. Thanks for bearing with me last week as I recovered from one nasty bug that landed me in the ER. So good to be back on my feet!

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