Cheaper Re-Hydration

I’ve been on a roll around here with a lot of “sick-themed” posts. That’s what happens when the household succumbs to the germs!

My daughter has had a rotten fever and head-cold and her appetite’s been off. Fortunately, she’s very willing to drink fluids. We’ve been giving her the Walgreen’s brand of Pedialyte because we managed to pick it up for next-to-nothing way back when. If you don’t have a pediatric electrolyte formula on hand or if you don’t want to spend the major cash that some of those things cost (especially when it’s the middle of the night, you have no sales or coupons, and you’re desperate), here a couple of alternatives, courtesy of my much-loved pediatrician (and father of four)…

For children over one year-

Half-strength Gatorade (one part Gatorade, one part water)


Quarter-strength Kool-Aid (one part Kool-Aid, three parts water)

Either of these solutions is mild-tasting, easy to digest, and helps get fluid and some simple sugar into your child. The bonus? For finicky kids, there are a lot more Gatorade and Kool-Aid flavor choices than there are Pedialyte!

For more frugal tips, be sure to visit Crystal‘s Frugal Friday!

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