Birthday Cake Thoughts…

So here are a couple things you should know about me…

1. I refuse to shell out $20+ for a grocery store bakery cake that tastes like it’s frosted with Crisco and is often airbrushed with psychadelic colors.

2. I have nothing against boxed caked mixes.

3. I love making my kids’ cakes, but I’m not one of those super-mommies who manages to create those amazing scenes on their cakes either. I’m somewhere in the middle.

My kids are little yet– just turned 3, almost 4, and not-yet-born, so I haven’t had the most experience making birthday cakes. But I do enjoy it! Usually…

Here are a couple cakes from past birthday celebrations…

My son’s zebra cake for his 2nd birthday.

When our little girl was 2, her favorite food in the world was grapes. So there you go.

This year, as C’s third birthday loomed before me just as I was recovering from my energy-sucking illness, the thought of coming up with a creative cake idea almost drove me to tears. I kept meaning to get online and find some wondrous design I could try to replicate. But it didn’t happen. In the end, I bought two Funfetti cake mixes, baked about thirty cupcakes with Tinkerbell liners, whipped up some buttercream icing, tinted it pink, and topped them with pastel sprinkles…

Honestly? I think they were even more popular than the cakes I usually make. Fact is… kids love cupcakes.

So I guess my advice is… think about your audience. Decide what really matters. Is it more important that my neighbor thinks I’m a pastry genius or that my children have huge, cake-crumby grins?

Long live the cupcake.

Even on her first birthday, C. was a fan of the cupcake!

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Update 1/29: Be sure to check out all the wonderful cakes at the Birthday Cake Round Up, hosted by Life As MOM!

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