Three Things to Enjoy About Your Micropreemie

Okay… truth? I could probably write a novella about the things you should enjoy about your tiny baby, but here are just three that pop into my head. There are a lot of scary, not-so-fun things about caring for a child who is just so itty-bitty. But here a few things to enjoy:

  1. Getting your money’s worth: You will actually get a lot of use out of newborn size clothes. Let’s face it- everyone loves those tiny little outfits and most parents end up buying at least a couple of them for their full-term infant. But, by two weeks old, they’re useless for most full-termers. Your preemie will put them to good use!
  2. Super-portability: While all the gear that often goes with your preemie can be heavy, your actual baby won’t strain your arms… or back. Nursing will not involve juggling and balancing a large infant; preemies tuck in there nicely. :)
  3. Looking exceptional: You may well have to wait a little longer than most parents for your child to hit all those “milestones”. But when your child happens to do one of these things, he or she will look incredibly precocious. When C. rolled over at four months, that wasn’t really anything exceptional… except, with her age corrected, she was a newborn and she only weighed 6 1/2 lb at the time. She appeared to be nothing short of amazing! And it was pretty incredible to watch this itty-bitty child move around like that. (For the record, the only reason she learned to roll so early is that she was FURIOUS that we were putting her on her back to sleep; in the NICU, she had been allowed to sleep on her tummy and she much preferred it. Still does.)

Enjoy your preemies! In between trying to juggle their challenging and special care, try to see the blessings they offer as well…

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