Three Car Seats?

It’s Works for Me Wednesday over at Rocks in My Dryer. But today, I really need to know what works for YOU. Because, you see, I actually know very few people “in real life” with three kids four and under. But that’s exactly the scenario we expect to find ourselves in come June.

So here’s my dilemma…

I drive a GMC Envoy. That’s a mid-sized SUV. And I love it. But I have some concerns…

  1. I only have one backseat… will a booster seat, a car seat, and an infant seat all fit?
  2. If not, do I go the minivan or cross-over route? Any suggestions?

Does anyone have experience fitting three such seats in one backseat? And, no, there is no chance that my child who will be three at the time will be big enough for a booster. She’s almost 3 and 25 lb fully dressed. Help! Hubby’s already looking at new car specs… I’m dragging my feet… I would much rather buy new seats than a new car. Far less expensive!

Any thoughts? What works for you?

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