Spicy Baby Food

Whenever the talk turns to grabbing a bite to eat, this is the question I always hear:

“What will your kids eat?”

The short answer? Anything. Well, pretty much anything. My kids really aren’t all that picky. They eat a variety of different flavors and enjoy different types of ethnic cuisine. They’re not picky about what type of meat it is and they most certainly don’t expect their chicken to come in “nugget form”. But why? Why are they so, dare I say, easy? At least when it comes to food…

Well, let me first make the disclaimer that neither my husband nor my family has a history of food allergies. Let me also assure you that my kids can be random and finicky just like the next. But,as a whole, I stick with what I said- they’re good eaters.

It seems strange to a lot of people that my two children (who are only 2 and 3, for the record) love dishes with red pepper flakes, drink white grapefruit juice, enjoy risotto with crab and goat cheese, and can take or leave the blue cheese I sometimes melt on their steak. They don’t pick out parsley bits and they don’t flinch upon trying spicy brown mustard.


Because I’ve always fed it to them. I guess I just never got in the habit of preparing their food any differently from mine and my husband’s… and he and I aren’t exactly plain Janes. My kids didn’t get plain ground beef in their tacos; they got the same spicy stuff as we did. When I cooked up Hot & Sour Peanut Noodles, that’s what I gave them, not plain spaghetti. If we happen to go out to dinner, it’s rare that I find their meals on the Kids’ Menu. They often eat seafood and rice rather than chicken fingers and fries. It’s just the way it is for us.

And you know what?

It Works for Me!

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