My Religion and Politics

Wow, that’s a heavy title, now isn’t it?

This is actually going to be rather short and sweet.

I’m Catholic and pretty traditional. That’s really all I’ll say on that matter. I have definite opinions and views (and that’s good!), but I promise never to try and push them on you or “save” you or anything else. That’s not my agenda.

Here is the one and only exception to that:

I am unapologetically Pro-Life. That’s never going to change. And I will continue to occasionally post things to that end. There are a whole host of reasons I believe what I believe, but what completely sealed the deal for me was seeing my tiny baby born at 24 weeks and learning that in some places it was still legal to abort her at that point.

If you don’t agree with my posts, feel free to share in the comments. I am certainly not opposed to differing views.

But I am opposed to abortion.

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