Hot Cocoa for Little Ones

As the temps start dipping a little lower each day, I’m reminded of the joys of hot cocoa. While I happily consume copious amounts of coffee year-round, cocoa is something we reserve for the cooler seasons around here.

I confess that I just use regular old hot cocoa mix from Walmart to make my cocoa. I heat a kettle of water and mix up four cups for the family. My only issue? The resulting concoction smells so yummy immediately but is far too hot to consume. I can cool my own in a jiffy with a splash of peppermint schnapps… but, well, that’s little help when it comes to the kiddos.

There’s the simple solution of dumping a little cold milk in there. We’ve done that. It works fine. But for a special treat and an element of fun? I like to freeze juice (raspberry, cherry, or strawberry is best) into cubes. I drop one cube in each of the children’s cups and they love to watch it shrink. Once it’s gone, the cocoa is cool enough to drink and has a yummy chocolate-berry taste!

(My apologies for no pictures– it’s not really cool enough for cocoa around here yet…)

For more delicious drink recipes and suggestions, be sure to stop by Thirsty Thursday, hosted at A Little Birdie Told Me…

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